Jodi Medell, DPT, PT has over 30 years of experience in the field of physical therapy and utilizes several modalities to treat clients. Jodi is also the founder of Integration Therapy.

Jodi is passionate about her work as a physical therapist. She views herself as one who sculpts the body with her hands as she finds the core of the problem(s) and works with the tissues to release the restrictions. She finds the osteopathic philosophy most in alignment with her belief system as it honors a dialogue with the tissue, the belief that the human body is a functional unit and that the body has an inherent ability of autoregulation and healing.


Jodi Medell has been in the field of physical therapy for almost 30 years. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, her Master’s degree from Oakland University, and her Doctorate degree from Regis University.

She also studied traditional osteopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

Some of Jodi's most treasured professional accomplishments are creating The Running Hub (Santa Fe's 's only running specialty store), completing her doctorate in physical therapy, and beginning Integration Therapy, LLC in Santa Fe, NM then moving it to Crested Butte, CO. Jodi’s greatest personal achievement is being a mom– she has an amazing son that continues to blow her away on all levels daily! Lastly, Jodi follows a daily meditation ritual that she finds very centering and healing. It allows her to connect with the collective whole to create the stage for a unified and balanced life. She lives in gratitude for all her blessings.

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Jodi is a doctor of physical therapy and the founder and owner of Integration Therapy.


She currently offers physical therapy sessions and utilizes several modalities to holistically treat patients. She also offers transformational coaching through her personal website: jodimedell.com